Services and Delivery Methods



Dr. Maple typically practices in a cognitive-behavioral model of psychotherapy.   Although a client will feel free to express emotions in session, the therapy will focus on one's thoughts and behaviors and how they affect one's emotions  


An individual psychotherapy session involves only one client.  The focus is on that person's concerns and goals.  Identifying strengths and past successes is an important element of therapy.  Although therapy will involve discussion of a person's past, much more focus is on the person's present functioning and future functioning.  Common concerns include depression, anxiety, psychological trauma, grief, relationships, and life goals.  

Dr. Maple also provides couples therapy to married couples, to engaged couples, and to couples who have not committed to marrying.  In the sessions, the focus will be on identifying concerns, improving communication of concerns and feelings, and behaviors that each person can begin doing--or increase in frequency--to improve the relationship.  To benefit from couples therapy, each partner must value the relationship highly and therefore be willing to make sacrifices for it.  

In family therapy, two, three, or more family members attend sessions together to address their family issues, which in many cases are longstanding issues.  Therapy will examine the formal and informal roles that each person performs in the family system.  Conflicts will be addressed with the aim of improving them or resolving them.  The importance of the family will be discussed.  The goal is to increase harmony and teamwork with love as the base.    


Psychotherapy can be delivered in face-to-face sessions; Dr. Maple provides this in our Auburn, Alabama office.  

Dr. Maple's psychologist licenses in ALABAMA and NEW MEXICO also authorize him to provide psychotherapy via telehealth, an online audio-video connection.  This means that the client may receive services at any location in ALABAMA or NEW MEXICO.  The client needs only a device with a built-in microphone and camera; this can be a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet computer, an iPad, or a smart phone.  The audio-video connection is provided by, a company that only services healthcare professionals; this connection is secure and HIPAA-compliant.  Connecting to a telehealth session is simple and quick;  We email to the client a link, the client clicks on the link to open Dr. Maple's dedicated page, and the client types in his or her first name only; no account is needed by the client.  At the appointment time, Dr. Maple clicks a button and the client and Dr. Maple are securely connected for the 60-minute session.  


Appointment hours for a session held either in the office or via teleheatlh currently include weekday evenings and Saturdays.  


At the conclusion of the first session, Dr. Maple will present his therapy recommendation, which typically is for a series of psychotherapy sessions, which might occur at a frequency of one session per week, or one session every two weeks, or one session per month, etc.  Some clients are able to achieve their goals in just a few sessions; other clients achieve their goals over a longer period of time, attending many sessions.  The focus of the therapy is upon actively improving one's functioning so that therapy will not be needed on an ongoing basis for the long-term.  

If, at the initial session, Dr. Maple perceives that there is not a good fit between the client's needs/desires and the expertise/values of the therapist, Dr. Maple will recommend that the client receive treatment from another agency.  

If, at any time in therapy, it appears that an established client is not benefiting and is not likely to benefit from continued sessions with him, Dr. Maple will address this with the client.  

The client may terminate therapy at any time.  Some regular clients take a break from therapy for months and resume later.


If you have any questions about services, please call us at 334-744-3694.  Dr. Maple would be happy to speak with you very briefly on the telephone (at no charge) to answer your questions about services and delivery options.